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Tina C. Babcock

P: 757-461-2500
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Tina leads the subrogation department at McKenry Dancigers Dawson, P.C. and has done so since she joined the firm in 2006.  While serving as counsel for a variety of national and local insurers for the past fifteen (15) years, Tina has gained extensive experience in the litigation of claims arising from negligence and breach of contract.  Tina has represented the interests of her clients, whether they are plaintiff or defendant, with zeal and professionalism.  Tina is also experienced in matters relating to domestic relations, estate planning, contracts, landlord/tenant disputes, infant settlements and collections.

When away from the office, Tina enjoys spending time with her husband and son in their Chesapeake home, participating in her church community, doing crafts, camping and traveling.

Representative Experience

  • Litigation stemming from the Loss Payable Clause of an automobile insurance policy
  • Litigation for contribution toward injuries sustained by a passenger following a 98+ mph road race which resulted in the death of one at-fault driver.  The case was won at trial on the testimony of independent eye witnesses and vehicle data retrieved from the black box
  • Claims involving diminution in value

Publications and Presentations

  • Published on the following subjects:
    • Pre-Suit Collection Strategies
    • Avoiding Ethical Tangles in Collections
  • Presented on the following subjects:
    • Collection Law From Start to Finish, specifically
    • Pre-Suit Collection Strategies
    • Avoiding Ethical Tangles in Collections
    • Settling Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims
    • Investigating Automobile Accident Liability – Where to Look and What to Look For

Please contact Mrs. Babcock at (757) 461-2500 or email her at