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Practice Areas

Criminal Law

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When facing criminal charges, your choice of attorney can have a profound impact on the course and outcome of your case. It is of paramount importance to choose an attorney you can trust when your life, liberty and financial assets are at risk.

At McKenry Dancigers Dawson, PC, we dedicate our practice to defending people in need.  Our criminal defense lawyers have extensive court room experience and have earned an excellent reputation for their ability to achieve positive results in challenging cases, and in a cost-efficient manner.

We are passionate about what we do — and we want to help you overcome the difficulties you face.  At McKenry Dancigers Dawson you get the dedicated service and respect you deserve.   Call us today.  We are based in Virginia Beach and handle criminal defense cases throughout Hampton Roads, including Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, and Hampton.

We handle a wide range of criminal law matters, including felonies and misdemeanors, such as:

  • Drunk Driving / Driving While Impaired
  • Traffic Violations
  • License Suspension and Revocation
  • Drug Offenses
  • Domestic Violence
  • Expungements
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Probation Violations
  • Theft, Larceny and Property Crimes
  • Assault and Battery

To discuss your needs, call or email us anytime.

Family Law

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McKenry Dancigers Dawson attorneys have a great deal of experience with family law, custody, and divorce issues.  We are committed to resolving these conflicts in a sensitive, confidential, and cost-efficient manner.  Our firm has the ability and experience to handle all of your family law needs, from a complex marital property dispute to the sensitive consideration demanded in an emotionally charged child custody proceeding.

We are interested in protecting the best interests of children involved in divorce or custody disputes, while also providing sound and practical legal advice for the parents. We recognize the emotional difficulties that family-related issues can cause and we are here to help you through these stressful times.

Clients appreciate not only the exceptional quality of our legal services, but also our timeliness, prompt communication and thorough preparation. At McKenry Dancigers Dawson you get the dedicated service and respect you deserve.  We are based in Virginia Beach and appear in Family Law and Domestic Relations Courts throughout Hampton Roads, including Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, and Hampton.

We are prepared to be a strong advocate for you in a full range of family law matters, including

  • Uncontested and Contested Divorce Proceedings
  • Child Support, Child Custody, and Modifications
  • Interstate Custody Proceedings
  • Visitation Rights
  • Spousal Support, Alimony, and Modifications
  • Marital Property Division / Equitable Distribution
  • Postnuptial, Premarital and Prenuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Restraining Orders
  • Adoptions
  • Juvenile Matters
  • Wills & Living Wills
  • Powers of Attorney.

To discuss your needs, call or email us anytime.

Virginia EUO and Fraud Analysis Attorneys

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Virginia EUO and Fraud Analysis Attorneys

McKenry Dancigers Dawson’s attorneys assist insurance companies with investigating questionable property and liability claims, including suspicious fires, questionable burglary claims, fraudulent auto theft claims, or staged auto accidents.

We take examinations under oath of the insureds, as well as sworn statements of claimants, informants or persons who claim to be insureds, and make recommendations to the insurance companies regarding questionable claims.

If a claim is denied, the carrier will be in a good position to defend its denial based on our investigation.  We have litigated and have helped our insurance company clients avoid litigation over “bad faith” claims.

To discuss your needs, please contact us by telephone or email.

Virginia Toxic Tort Defense Attorneys

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Virginia Toxic Tort Defense Attorneys

For many years, Virginia has been fertile ground for toxic tort litigation, including cases involving asbestosis, silicosis, lead paint, mold, and Chinese drywall.  For over 40 years, McKenry Dancigers Dawson has specialized in defending local governments, businesses, and individuals in toxic tort cases.

Product manufacturers and suppliers have historically been the targets of such claims, but with each passing year, and the increasing number of bankruptcies, the scope of such suits have broadened to include landlords, property owners, contractors, subcontractors, and employers.

Defendants, whether self-insured or through their insurance carriers, can develop strategies to deal with such suits and associated defense costs.   McKenry Dancigers Dawson can assist clients in developing and implementing strategies to deal with toxic tort suits in a cost effective manner, and yet still mount an effective and target specific defense. Our experience in these areas also allows us to work efficiently and proactively to resolve meritorious cases in a cost-effective manner consistent with the client’s goals.

We have the knowledge, experience, and facilities to effectively represent parties in mass toxic tort matters, as well as specific matters that may occasionally arise from a release of a hazardous or toxic substance.

To discuss your toxic tort case, please contact us by telephone or email.

Local Counsel in Virginia

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Local Counsel in Virginia

Out-of-state lawyers frequently turn to McKenry Dancigers Dawson to assist with their Virginia litigation cases.  We provide local counsel services in Virginia state court and Virginia federal courts.

Our Virginia litigation lawyers will help you and your legal team navigate the Eastern District of Virginia’s “Rocket Docket,” where trials often happen within 10 months of filing and where the court strictly enforces its deadlines in the Rule 16(b) Scheduling Order, including the local rule where discovery objections are due within 15 days, not 30 days. We are very familiar with removals to federal court, motions to remand to state court, as well as Rule 12(b) motions to transfer venue, challenge personal jurisdiction, or dismiss a case for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

Our Virginia trial lawyers will also guide you through the sometimes archaic procedural rules found in Virginia state courts, including when and how to “crave oyer” and the rare times in which summary judgment can be granted in Virginia Circuit Court.

The Virginia lawyers at McKenry Dancigers Dawson have handled cases in the Alexandria, Richmond, and Norfolk divisions of the Rocket Docket, as well as the Western District of Virginia.  Our lawyers have also appeared in every Circuit Court in Virginia. We are trial lawyers. Our office is conveniently located and available for depositions and mediations.

To discuss your needs, call or email us anytime.

Virginia Insurance Defense Lawyers

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Virginia Insurance Defense Lawyers

When any significant dispute arises over an insurance claim, the insurer’s selection of defense counsel is extremely important. These complex cases demand in-depth knowledge of all applicable laws and an established network of highly qualified experts. You should also have confidence that your law firm will start building the case for a possible trial from day one. Our experience has shown that clients who are prepared for trial tend to obtain the most favorable settlements.

Virginia Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorney

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Virginia Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorney

The attorneys at McKenry Dancigers Dawson aggressively defend workers’ compensation cases throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We represent:

  • Employers
  • Carriers
  • Self-insureds

Our experienced team balances aggressive case handling with skillful negotiating to resolve cases in a cost-effective manner.

Our attorneys handle claims under:

  • The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act (“LHWCA”)
  • Defense Base Act

Areas of practice include:

  • Asbestosis
  • Death Benefits
  • Dispute Resolution
  • EDI
  • Indemnity Benefits
  • Injuries by Accident
  • Mediation
  • Medical Awards
  • Medicare Set Asides
  • Medicare Secondary Payer Act
  • Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP (“MMSEA”)
  • Occupational Disease
  • Peer Review
  • Permanent and Total Disability
  • Prevailing Community Rate Issues
  • Settlements
  • Subrogation & Third Party Issues
  • Uninsured Employer’s Fund
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

To discuss your needs, call or email us anytime.

Virginia Subrogation Lawyers

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Virginia Subrogation Lawyers

For insurers, subrogation claims are critical for recovering costs and maintaining profitability.  Yet subrogation issues can readily become extremely complex.  In this niche field of law, experienced legal guidance is critical for success.  McKenry Dancigers Dawson provides comprehensive subrogation services across Virginia.

Experienced Subrogation Legal Counsel For Insurers

At McKenry Dancigers Dawson, our subrogation attorneys have extensive experience navigating the complexities of these claims. We assist insurers in identifying and pursuing potential collateral sources for recovery. Our lawyers have obtained favorable verdicts in large subrogation actions, and we have represented both local and national insurance companies.

Our firm is well-equipped to handle claims stemming from catastrophic losses.

Collectively, our firm has handled tens of thousands of subrogation claims for insurers nationwide. This wealth of experience translates to effective and efficient strategies for success.

We provide knowledgeable legal guidance on subrogation issues relating to:

  • Property damage recovery, including fire losses, water damage from flooding and water intrusion, product liability and other cases involving significant losses
  • Auto damage recovery stemming from car accidents, truck accidents and motor vehicle accidents
  • Workers’ compensation recovery for medical coverage, lost wages and other losses associated with injured workers
  • Maritime and admiralty losses, including cargo, vessels, marinas, and maritime-related personal injury cases, including Jones Act and LHWCA claims

We work diligently on behalf of our insurance clients to litigate against negligent third parties. Our legal team includes skilled litigators with extensive experience in state and federal courts. We are strong advocates dedicated to maintaining high levels of organization and meticulous attention to detail — crucial skills that come into play when evaluating plan language and wading through voluminous documentary evidence.

Clients appreciate not only the exceptional quality of our legal services, but also our timeliness, prompt communication and thorough preparation. Our experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of civil areas gives us a valuable, well-rounded perspective.

Learn More During A Free Initial Consultation | Contingency Fee Representation

For more information about our subrogation practice, please contact us at 757-461-2500. The initial consultation is free of charge, and we handle most subrogation cases on a contingency fee basis.  We handle subrogation matters throughout Virginia.

Virginia Business and Corporate Attorneys

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Virginia Business and Corporate Attorneys

Our Virginia business law attorneys provide a wide range of transactional and consulting services for our business clients of all sizes.  The attorneys at McKenry Dancigers Dawson are responsive to clients’ needs and understand that each business is unique.

We offer comprehensive business consulting and transaction services, including:

  • Commercial Leases
  • Confidentiality and non-compete agreements
  • Contract negotiations
  • Employment contracts
  • Independent contract agreements
  • LLC and other business entity formation
  • Member agreements for organizations such as health clubs
  • Private business mergers and acquisitions
  • Purchase contracts
  • Sales of existing businesses
  • Service agreements
  • Small business formation

An attorney’s role with your business can extend through the life of your business. Our business consulting takes many forms. Our contract review services, which provide an analysis of the costs and benefits of any type of proposed or pre-existing contract, are often completed under strict time constraints. We also assist with the development of employee handbooks, advise clients on copyright and trademark registration and ownership, and establish document retention schedules in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

In everything we do, our goal is to identify the best practices for our clients’ business and help them structure the operation to avoid litigation.  Should the need for litigation arise, McKenry Dancigers Dawson offers comprehensive and aggressive litigation services to its business clients.

Shawn Voyles leads the firm’s business law and litigation practice.  Contact Mr. Voyles at 757-461-2500 or

Virginia Business Litigation Attorneys

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Virginia Business Litigation Attorneys

Whatever business you own or interact with, financially significant disputes are always possible. When another business or individual violates the terms of a contract, misrepresents real property or other assets you purchase, or engages in unfair competition, you may need to take legal action. In other situations, you may require experienced counsel to defend your own interests against such allegations.

Statewide Representation In Contract, Real Estate, And Employment Disputes

For attorneys at McKenry Dancigers Dawson, P.C., analysis of contracts and resolution of business disputes are core strengths. We have experience on both the prosecution and defense sides of matters such as:

  • Breach of contract claims and other contract disputes, including those associated with alleged construction defects or failures to perform contractual obligations
  • Real estate disputes, often involving a party’s failure to adhere to the terms of a purchase agreement, failure to disclose physical or title defects or other acts of misrepresentation
  • Employment disputes arising from alleged workplace discrimination, wrongful termination or violations of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Disputes involving theft or misuse of intellectual property or other confidential information, sometimes leading to claims of unfair competition or business interference as well
  • Disputes between partners or shareholders in a business over fulfillment of financial duties, potential self-dealing, control over operational decisions or other issues
  • Defense of companies with commercial insurance policies that have self-insured retention provisions, leaving them exposed to major payouts when products liability, premises liability, employee negligence and other such claims are filed

Strategic Analysis And Advice You Can Trust, Backed By Proven Trial Skills

When a transaction goes badly or a business relationship descends into conflict for other reasons, the legal and practical considerations are complex. The single best step you can take is to enlist a law firm known for its capabilities in both trial litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our track record in insurance defense, business and commercial litigation and many other forms of civil litigation clearly demonstrates those capabilities.

Finding the right lawyer can restore your peace of mind and allow you to focus on your core business once again. To discuss any type of commercial dispute and begin exploring legal options, we encourage you to contact our firm.

Shawn Voyles leads the firm’s business law and litigation practice.  Contact Mr. Voyles at 757-461-2500 or