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Virginia Professional Malpractice Attorneys

Virginia Professional Malpractice Attorneys

When allegations of legal malpractice or another form of professional malpractice arise, the stakes are unquestionably high for all parties involved. Not only do professional licenses, careers and reputations hang in the balance, financial liability for the malpractice insurance carrier may be very substantial.

Dedicated To Representation With Rigor And Integrity

The complexity of legal and other professional malpractice cases would be difficult to overstate. As either a defendant or plaintiff, the outcome you achieve will likely hinge on intricate, technical questions of whether the applicable standard of care was met. Our firm’s combination of in-house knowledge and ready access to highly credible experts nationwide is a powerful one.

Trial-Proven In Insurance Defense And Advocacy For Victims Of Malpractice

We welcome inquiries from insurance carriers and individual professionals in need of qualified representation in any of Virginia’s courts. Our firm is committed to building compelling cases and reaching favorable resolution through negotiations or mediation whenever possible. However, our experience in hundreds of trials and numerous appeals illustrates the critical ability to go the distance for our clients. We also have an impressive track record in appellate practice.

To discuss your concerns involving legal malpractice, medical malpractice or professional liability in another field, please contact us and request a consultation.