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Virginia Business Litigation Attorneys

Virginia Business Litigation Attorneys

Whatever business you own or interact with, financially significant disputes are always possible. When another business or individual violates the terms of a contract, misrepresents real property or other assets you purchase, or engages in unfair competition, you may need to take legal action. In other situations, you may require experienced counsel to defend your own interests against such allegations.

Statewide Representation In Contract, Real Estate, And Employment Disputes

For attorneys at McKenry Dancigers Dawson, P.C., analysis of contracts and resolution of business disputes are core strengths. We have experience on both the prosecution and defense sides of matters such as:

  • Breach of contract claims and other contract disputes, including those associated with alleged construction defects or failures to perform contractual obligations
  • Real estate disputes, often involving a party’s failure to adhere to the terms of a purchase agreement, failure to disclose physical or title defects or other acts of misrepresentation
  • Employment disputes arising from alleged workplace discrimination, wrongful termination or violations of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Disputes involving theft or misuse of intellectual property or other confidential information, sometimes leading to claims of unfair competition or business interference as well
  • Disputes between partners or shareholders in a business over fulfillment of financial duties, potential self-dealing, control over operational decisions or other issues
  • Defense of companies with commercial insurance policies that have self-insured retention provisions, leaving them exposed to major payouts when products liability, premises liability, employee negligence and other such claims are filed

Strategic Analysis And Advice You Can Trust, Backed By Proven Trial Skills

When a transaction goes badly or a business relationship descends into conflict for other reasons, the legal and practical considerations are complex. The single best step you can take is to enlist a law firm known for its capabilities in both trial litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our track record in insurance defense, business and commercial litigation and many other forms of civil litigation clearly demonstrates those capabilities.

Finding the right lawyer can restore your peace of mind and allow you to focus on your core business once again. To discuss any type of commercial dispute and begin exploring legal options, we encourage you to contact our firm.

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