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Virginia Employment Contract Dispute Lawyers

Virginia Employment Contract Dispute Lawyers

Employment contract disputes can put your business at great risk. At the law firm of McKenry Dancigers Dawson, we offer sophisticated legal representation to multinational corporations and small to medium-size businesses facing the threat of litigation. We will assess your company’s level of exposure, while protecting your company’s reputation and bottom line.

Our firm’s Virginia contract disputes attorneys offer sound judgment and skilled advocacy to clients being sued over contract disputes or seeking damages against another party for breach of contract. If your company is facing the threat of employment litigation, contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation.

Skilled Virginia Employment Litigation Attorneys

If your company is facing the threat of litigation, we will act quickly to preserve your company’s best interests. We offer a comprehensive approach focused on evaluating the entire picture instead of offering a narrow lens. We will collaborate with you and any in-house counsel to understand the factors that led to the employment contract dispute. We will take the time to evaluate what each side risks losing from the dispute to help us identify viable solutions.

When appropriate, we consult forensic accountants to determine the extent of potential damages involved in complex employment litigation contract disputes, including:

  • Shareholder contract disputes
  • Partnership contract disputes
  • Severance agreement disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Noncompete disputes

We will evaluate the cost benefit of pursuing a resolution through negotiation, arbitration or litigation. The Virginia employment litigation lawyers at our firm will seek to minimize any legal or financial implications through avoiding a long, drawn-out courtroom battle.

When litigation is unavoidable, we will not hesitate to aggressively pursue a favorable trial verdict. We are committed to protecting your best interests with minimal disruption to your business.

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