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Virginia Fire and Casualty Claims Attorneys

Virginia Fire and Casualty Claims Attorneys

When homes, businesses and other property are destroyed or incur severe structural damage, high-value insurance coverage disputes often follow. These are just a few examples of situations that can lead to complex litigation between insurance carriers and insured parties over fire and casualty claims — a broad category encompassing homeowners policies, commercial general liability (CGL) policies and a range of other forms of insurance.

McKenry Dancigers Dawson, P.C. is an established resource for major national insurers, regional carriers and others with concerns involving fire and casualty claims. Our attorneys’ experience in hundreds of trials and appeals statewide across Virginia covers a broad spectrum of insurance defense and pursuit of third-party claims against other parties liable for damages.

Decades Of Experience Handling Arson Claims, Storm Damage Cases, Examinations Under Oath (EUO) And Other Complex Coverage Disputes

Prompt, rigorous investigation and thorough cause-and-origin analysis are critical components of essentially all fire and casualty disputes. They are also hallmarks of our practice, together with proven skills in interpreting policy language in light of current laws and projecting likely outcomes if disputes are ultimately settled in a Virginia courtroom. A timely Examination Under Oath (EUO) can often lead to an efficient resolution of a complex claim. We welcome inquiries regarding insurance claim denials, damage valuation, bad faith/punitive damages and all other aspects of claims arising from:

  • Home, apartment and business property fires — after which the possibility of arson must be carefully evaluated, requiring effective interaction with qualified arson investigators and special investigation units (SIUs)
  • Hail, wind and other storm damage affecting both residential and commercial property, including those that also generate business interruption claims
  • Alleged construction defects, whether involving a manufactured home, farm or ranch construction or any other structure
  • Disputes that may require relevant knowledge of condominium law or agricultural law as well as insurance law
  • Losses due to theft, boating accidents and a vast range of other destructive events

Turn To A Trial-Proven Legal Team That Will Prioritize Your Case

We emphasize personal attention and decisive action to protect our clients’ vital interests. Our lawyers’ strong track record in trials and appeals is a difference-making factor that lead to many favorable settlements via negotiation, mediation and arbitration. To discuss your needs involving a fire and casualty dispute or any other insurance-related issue, we encourage you to contact us via telephone or email.