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Our Approach

McKenry Dancigers Dawson achieves the objectives of its clients through:

• Deep understanding of the client’s business operations and objectives.

• Collaboration with the client in the development of effective and efficient legal strategies to achieve desired results.

• First rate written and oral communication skills.

• Timely, clear and comprehensive reporting.

• Prompt response to inquiries.

• Commitment to litigation management and cost containment.

• Trial experience and sharp advocacy skills for the case that cannot be resolved informally.

• Strict adherence to the highest ethical standards.

At a time when trial advocacy is fast becoming a lost art in the legal profession, our attorneys are not only seasoned litigators, but accomplished trial attorneys. We pride ourselves in offering our clients with top quality legal representation on complex cases at rates that reflect an awareness of market and industry conditions. The result is a high level of value for our clients’ legal dollar.